Introduction Title — Kovair Data Lake

Store data from multiple projects residing in diversified tools used by your organization. Kovair Data Lake is a central database with SQL server support capable of storing data based on organizational needs.

The stored data is then segregated by departments or business units. Kovair Data Lake also comes with a very intuitive UI interface for managing and monitoring of the Data Lake.


  1. Large Data Repository for Central Administration

    Store data from multiple tools and projects into a single place – the central repository.

    Storing all information in a large data repository enables organizations to utilize the data more efficiently while overcoming major challenges like inconsistent security policies, storage silos, and additional costs like running translation layers.

  2. Tool Extractors with WS/SQL Communication Support

    Kovair Data Lake tool extractors are available in two types – Extractors and Omnibus Extractors.

    • Extractors are tool specific windows services used for extracting data from tool to Data Lake based on configuration. You can set up a Windows Service or an SQL based authentication that will enable the extractor to make data from a particular database visible.

    • Omnibus Extractors are Kovair platform specific Windows services applicable for data extraction from Kovair ALM and Omnibus to Data Lake, based on the type of configuration that you choose.

    Both Extractors and Omnibus Extractors are single extractors that can connect a Data Lake instance with multiple instances and projects belonging to the same tool. These are license based and come with annual-based subscriptions. In case of both, extractor licenses can be applied from Data Lake Portal only.

  3. Web-based Data Lake Portal

    View data snapshots, manage Data Lake users and keep track of license expiry dates and usage with Kovair Data Lake Web Portal.

    Kovair Data Lake Portal offers you complete control of how you monitor and manage your Data Lake. Some of the top functionalities that you can do with Kovair Data Lake portal are as follows —

    • Set up database and extractor connection
    • Manage license for connected extractors
    • Manage portal users (both external tool users and ADSI users)
    • Create base data model and model repository
    • Use Dashboards to view data volume for each connected tools
    • Create Reports (Standard/Custom) reports for proper analysis and decision-making


Overcome Data Disorganization

One of the key drivers behind an organization’s business decisions and strategies is data. However, with the ever-increasing accumulation of data, managing all of them is a difficult task. Extracting data from multiple tools is a major struggle.

Kovair Data Lake provides three-phase support —

  • The first phase support of extracting information from ALM tools.
  • The second phase is storing information in a flat architecture in its native format.
  • The third phase involves making data management easier from the end-user mode via a web portal.

Extractor Support for 70+ ALM Tools

Kovair Data Lake offers extractor support for more than 70 ALM tools all of which belong to various phases of technology such as Application Lifecycle, DevOps, and migration.

Multiple Channels of Data Input

Kovair Data Lake is a single large database repository that can consist of data from multiple ALM tool instances and corresponding projects. There are no restrictions on the number of tools and projects that can be connected to a Data Lake instance. You can also connect multiple copies of the same tool extractors to a single Data Lake instance.

Kovair extractors are not just used to extract information from tools that are connected to it. Kovair Data Lake extractors are also available for extracting information from tools that are connected to Omnibus platform.

Web Portal for All Round Management

Manage your Data Lake and Extractor connection setup through Kovair’s web-based Data Lake portal. You can also add new data lake users; activate/deactivate existing users, model, and model storage via Kovair web portal.

Connect to Additional Data Lake Instances When Required

You can set up additional Data Lake instances when there are –

  • Data for multiple business groups
  • Limitation in Database software/hardware for a single repository
  • Internal requirement for an organization

Real Time Graphical Interpretation of Data

Kovair Data Lake Portal offers dashboards for displaying data volume for each connected tool. Users can view the summary of the total volume of data extracted from a particular tool, volume of data last fetched, number of extractors that are connected to a specific Data Lake instance, and the percentage growth of data since last polling. The data here is displayed in terms of both mapped and unmapped data.

You can also monitor the connective pipeline of the number of extractors that connect ALM tools to a Data Lake instance.