Kovair Intelligent DevOps

Kovair Intelligent DevOps is an enterprise solution simplifying and automating execution and monitoring real-time metrics. This is achieved with seamless integration of the best of the breed tools in development, building, testing and deployment cycles to enable a one-click execution.

Kovair integrates DevOps methodology with ALM tools – from requirement or agile development to production deployment.


  1. Out-Of-the-Box Reports of Kovair Intelligent DevOps

    DevOps is not only about integrations. With all the tools integrated, implementation of DevOps will still fail unless there is a central window for viewing reports and dashboards using data distributed across all tools in the DevOps chain. Reports and Dashboards ensure better control and smart decision making by showing insights into the implementation progress. Unlike other tools, Kovair intelligent DevOps not only generate reports for individual phases like release or deployment but provides end-to-end coverage of reports for all phases of the application lifecycle. The list of out-of-the-box reports produced by Kovair Intelligent DevOps are listed below:

    Out-Of-the-Box Reports of Kovair Intelligent DevOps

    • Release Timeline Graph
    • Release Summary
    • Release health Report
    • Release Efficiency
    • Releases per Month
    • Release Defect Trend
    • Average Duration of Releases Over Time
    • Release Completion - Planned v/s Completed
    • Applications with Most Failed Deployments
    • Environments with Most Deployments
    • Release health Report
    • Applications with Most Deployments
    • Average Deployment Duration
    • Deployment Status Overview
    • Status wise Deployment Percentage
    • Build Health
    • Build Health by Iteration
  2. Kovair Omnibus – The Integration Platform Behind

    Kovair Omnibus, a SOA based proprietary ESB by Kovair is the integration platform that is behind Kovair Intelligent DevOps. Being ESB-based, cost-effective, flexible and user-friendly, Kovair Omnibus does away with complex and costly tools integrations, overcoming limitations of the existing point-to-point and single-vendor tools integrations. Some of the key advantages and capabilities of Omnibus are:

    • Capable of Integrating with all your existing commercial and in-house tools
    • Provides users to configure flexible business rules for integration
    • Supports process automation across lifecycle phases and tools
    • Provides Traceability of artifacts across multiple tools
    • Protects the investment already done on tools
    • Supports extensibility for implementation of Data Lake
    • Provides open API through which any tool can be integrated without using the Kovair interface

    With all these unique capabilities, Kovair Omnibus at present supports integration with 75+ commercial tools from different functional areas like Application Lifecycle Management – ALM, ITSM & Product Lifecycle Management – PLM. For more information Download the brochure.


  • Tool-time collaboration: between development, delivery, and operations tools.

  • Clear management visibility: featuring total metrics and drill-down analytics.

  • Plug-and-play tool integration: with complete flexibility anytime and anywhere, even for homegrown tools.

  • Continuous support: be it requirement gathering, agile development, or production deployment.

  • Cross-tool traceability: for improved release predictability and change impact analysis.

  • Workflow-based automatic trigger: enabling continuous testing of both manual and automated test cases.

  • Automated testing: driven by schedule-based script execution thereby enabling Continuous Delivery.

  • Reports and Dashboards: for continuous monitoring of release quality.

  • Automated defect identification and resolution: triggering quick HelpDesk response.

  • Reports, Metrics, and KPIs: supporting quick decision-making.