Enterprise ALM Studio

Expedite application delivery, quality, and scale with Kovair ALM Studio — a comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that enables organizations to work towards building a better software service for their customers.

It provides all the development functions from Requirements to Release with complete capabilities.

Apart from standard ALM offerings, it also provides built-in integration support for 80+ ALM and IT tools from popular vendors, open sources or even homegrown tools.


  1. Responsive Support — Keep your globally distributed cross-functional teams connected.
    • 100% Web Based
    • Access through all leading browsers — IE, Chrome, and Firefox.
    • Access from iOS and Android devices.
    • 24/7 access from across the globe.
  2. Process Automation — Eliminate manual handoffs with task-based workflow.
    • Task-based workflow in contrast to state-based workflow
    • Capability of having parallel activities
    • Mouse-click based configuration using a visual designer
    • Cut across different tool boundaries
  3. Drag and Drop Configuration — Design the application as per your need by simple mouse clicks.
    • Design the application as per your need by simple mouse clicks
    • Allows to define objects, attributes, relationships, workflow, views, reports, filters just by some mouse clicks
  4. Useful Collaboration — Collaborate among geographically distributed teams online.
    • Enables online collaboration between geographically distributed teams
    • Do contextual discussions involving stake holders
    • Real-time visibility of the discussions and approvals
    • Real–time tracking of all ongoing reviews
  5. Integration Support — Integrate with best-of-breed, open source, legacy, homegrown tools.
    • SOA based ESB architecture
    • Off the shelf ~70 integrations with COTS tools
    • Integrated with best-of-breed, open source, legacy and homegrown tools
  6. Method Independence — Follow Waterfall, Agile and hybrid methodologies.
    • Mouse click configurable catering Waterfall, Agile and hybrid methodologies
  7. Role Based Access — Enforce role based access control at every level.
    • Supports Role-based security at enterprise level as well as record level
  8. Built-in Modeling — Fulfill your basic modeling needs using the modeling editor.
    • Allows users to draw different UI diagrams like UI Mockup, UML, BPMN, And Flowchart diagrams
    • Embed diagrams within the description
    • Maintain diagrams as attachments to the artifacts
  9. Real-time Notifications — Enable Event & Subscription based notifications for the stakeholders.
    • Supports 3 types of notifications – Adhoc, Event-based and Subscription-based
    • Users can subscribe to both records and filters for getting notifications on modification
  10. End-to-End Traceability — Achieve Cross tool end-to-end bi-directional traceability & coverage.
    • Unique capability of defining relationships between objects
    • Ability to do both pro-active and reactive impact analysis between artifacts
    • Achieve Cross tool end-to-end bi-directional traceability ensuring coverage
  11. Reporting and Metrics — Use real-time cross-tool data-based reports and metrics.
    • HTML, enabling direct printing from the application.
    • Exporting any list to Excel for additional formatting and manipulation.
    • Built-in Crystal Reports, facilitating easy custom formatting, or creation of your own reports.
    • Word Reporting enabling fully customizable formatting with multi-level data elements from the Kovair ALM data repository in real time.
    • Dashboards with real-time data from the system for reporting any aspect of the project including the entire Project Health or Process Indices Report with graphical, tabular and chart formats.
  12. Dashboard View — Customize dashboards to increase release predictability.
    • Personalized dashboard summary of everything a user needs to know, across all projects, covering requirements, tests, tasks and incidents.
    • Project summary dashboard that displays the health of a project in a single screen, with summary graphs to highlight key information.
    • Assign projects into Groups and display integrated project group dashboards to enable Project Portfolio Management.
    • Customizable dashboards that can be configured by the users of the system to be responsive to their needs.
    • A summary listing of project issues and risks, color-coded by importance.
    • Summary graphs that outline requirements coverage and test execution status.
    • Library of graphical graphs including incident discovery/closure rates, cumulative incident counts, incident aging and incident turnaround times.
  13. Version Control — Control different versions of artifacts and documents centrally.
    • Allows creation of versions for artifacts
    • Facility to compare multiple versions
    • Ability to merge different versions
    • Ability to roll back the entire version or particular fields to previous versions
  14. Audit Trail — Get answers for Who, What, and When of changes, as required.
    • Answers to the questions of Who, What and When of changes
    • Gives the facility to filter and view the changes of records
  15. Single Sign-On — Enable Single Sign-On to access multiple tools.
    • Tight integration with LDAP or ADSI
    • Enables Single Sign-On with the help of LDAP integration
  16. Easy and Quick Capture — Capture artifacts from various sources.
    • Using the Rich Text Editor in Kovair, you can open a Microsoft Word document or copy-paste a portion of a formatted text to the Rich Text Editor.
    • Submit inputs from a Corporate Website or Portal
    • Send them by Email
    • Import them from Microsoft Word Document, Excel spreadsheet
    • Import from a CSV file with configurable format
    • From any third party tools in real-time if synchronized through Kovair´s Omnibus Integration Bus
  17. One-Umbrella Development Methodology Practice — Practice any of the development methodologies — Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Hybrid — as it fits your organization.
  18. SOA-based Integration Service Bus — Kovair ALM supports SOA-based integration service bus that enables seamless integration between development, delivery, and operations tools.
  19. Real-time View — Kovair ALM enables users to view artifacts and statuses in real time. This improves transparency and empowers users with the ability to make accurate predictions.


Our customers have achieved greater perceptibility, streamlined compliance, faster time to market and lower TCO. Here’s how —

  1. Customer Requirement Tracking

    By using Kovair´s multiple capabilities for capturing inputs and putting them through a well – defined Requirements Review Process with the Kovair Omni-process workflow, a company can set up an excellent system of capturing customer inputs for both new product ideas and improvements to existing products. These inputs coupled with inputs from other sources such as Helpdesk provide Product Management personnel with a proper tool to review these inputs and create a Product Requirements Document in Word that can be generated automatically within Kovair at any time.

    This provides any company, large or small, a very critical tool to not miss any inputs from a customer that are always a key factor in enhancing customer satisfaction as well as bringing a competitive edge to a company’s product lines and improving its business and market share. The payback of this system cannot be underestimated!

  2. Better Quality! No More Redos

    Having one version of the truth captured and shared globally by all developers creates fewer design errors going through the implementation cycle. This results in significantly less testing time and almost no reworking of the application after system testing. Total project labor cost is saved by 10-20%.

  3. Better Team Collaboration and Communication

    KA shared single repository enabled through global web-based access to the Requirements prevents errors as distributed teams work with the same specifications. Moreover, anyone with the appropriate permission can make changes with automatic notifications sent to other team members based on the Change Management Process, set up in the Kovair Application Lifecycle Management system.

  4. Evaluate and Prioritize Requirements for Releases

    Kovair’s Requirements Ranking capabilities and What-if Analysis capabilities for Release Management Process, provide any Product, Marketing and Engineering Management group with a very easy and methodical way of analyzing release contents and making sound decisions, backed by logic and analysis rather than gut instinct. This further simplifies buy-in of the outcome, leading to group harmony in developing and managing a proper product release.

  5. Automatic Regulatory Compliance

    Regulations are in fact the Requirements generated externally. With Kovair’s 100% backwards and forwards traceability, regulatory compliance is ensured automatically, mitigating risks to any business.

  6. Increased Productivity

    Formalizing and automating Application Life cycle Management and enabling Requirements’ reuse speed up project completion by 20 to-30% as compared to ad hoc or manual Requirements Management processes. As such, Kovair tools benefit small organizations as well by enabling them to grow faster, manage their growth better, and achieve product quality and enhanced productivity.

From Development to Delivery — Collaborate in One Tool

  • Project and Portfolio Management

    With Kovair ALM and its built-in capabilities for Project and Portfolio Management you can manage, track and control their entire portfolio of programs and projects across the enterprise at a fraction of the cost of procuring a full PPM tool.Now get the flexibility and transparency to meet challenging economic conditions and be prepared for ongoing micro-and macro level changes. Learn more.

  • Requirements Management

    Kovair’s rich implementation of requirements gathering, parsing, management, traceability, base lining and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enabling project teams to effectively manage and map requirements.

    Kovair also helps to track coverage and relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, defects and other related items of ALM to demonstrate compliance and assure quality of the delivery. Learn more.

  • Test Management

    Our Integrated Test Management – ITM solution helps you perform an entire testing cycle (STLC) including easy capturing of test cases, collaborative test case review, test scheduling, automated test runs, defect capturing, and reporting on test coverage and defect removal trends. Organizations looking to adopt new testing tools or connecting with other lifecycle tools may also use Kovair’s integration support for popular testing tools like HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager, TestLink, QTP and Selenium. Learn more.

  • Development Management

    Kovair provides plug-ins for popular IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio, which helps developers directly access the cross-tool data from within their own systems.

  • Defect Management

    Kovair’s rich implementation of Defect capture, review, management, duplicate analysis, traceability and intelligent reporting in a process-driven methodology enables project teams to effectively and optimally manage and resolve Defect.

    It provides every information about a defect like – Defect Priority, Severity, Category, Defect Status, Environment, Frequency, Detected On, Detected By, Assigned To, Resolved On, Closed On, etc. Learn more.

  • Release Management
    • Gives capability of managing different types of releases
    • Provides the capacity of configuring and controlling the entire release workflow
    • Enables users to monitor the progress of the release on a real-time basis
  • IT Service Management

    Connect your development teams with help desk and operations teams. Kovair offers integrations with popular ITSM and help desk tools like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy,and Remedyforce. 

  • Task and Time Management

    Kovair Task Management function gives upfront visibility to the users on their pending tasks, and also allows entering timesheets against tasks as well as creates Queued tasks or individual tasks based on business scenario. Supervisors can approve or reject timesheets through a formal approval process from a single system. Senior management can also roll up actual data to project level for monitoring time and cost.

    • Gives upfront visibility to the users on their pending tasks
    • Provides capability of entering time sheets against tasks
    • Allows users to create Queued tasks or individual tasks based on business scenario
    • Allows users to book their time entry
    • Allows supervisors to approve or reject timesheets through a formal approval process
    • Provides the capability of rolling up actual data to project level for monitoring time and cost
  • Document Management

    Kovair ALM has the capability of arranging documents in Windows like folder structure and provides the provision for folder level permission based on user or roles. Kovair’s integration with other document management tools like SharePoint also helps users manage SharePoint elements like Task, Calendar, Issue Type, Announcement and any custom list from within Kovair ALM.

    • Gives the capability of arranging documents in Windows like folder structure
    • Provides the provision for folder level permission based on user or roles
  • Risk Management

    Kovair Risk Management solution implements an enterprise risk framework and applies risk-tracking techniques by allowing you to document and respond to risks from a single, centralized repository. It gives Project level visibility of risk importance, type and status and enables project teams to identify, quantify and mitigate risks, thereby defining appropriate corrective measures.

    Using Kovair’s entity-relationship features, risks can be related to an artefact in one or multiple ways. This helps teams to categorize risks and stay prepared for the unexpected.

    • Allows users to monitor real-time status and measurement of risk
    • Provides the capability to establish traceability with other artefacts
    • Project level visibility of risk importance, type and status

Complete Tool Integration Support for Integrated ALM

Kovair’s Application Lifecycle Management solution is a complete solution when it comes to integrating major development management tools.

However, teams can integrate existing development setup with various other tools as per business requirements (including IDEs, Design, SCM and Build tool) from external vendors and Open sources.

The ESB architected integration bus technology of Kovair Omnibus allows organizations to integrate third party as well as internal tools to achieve a complete ALM ecosystem. View Kovair’s 80+ Integrations.

Management Decisions Made Smarter — Real-time Reports and Dashboards

Create as many as nine different types of graphical and non-graphical Reports. Drill-down on the details of the data in real time and share information across stakeholders for better decision making. Clicking the dashboards or reports would automatically retrieve all the latest updates and present the data set pertaining to the template defined.

How We Price Kovair ALM Studio

Kovair ALM Studio is priced as a solution consisting of product licenses and technical support. Kovair offers flexible licensing options that ensure customers can match their requirements based on their application lifecycle management needs.

Kovair ALM Studio has two licensing options – Named License and Concurrent License.

  • Named License is a fixed license applicable for one user. Generally, Administrators and Senior Executives use ‘Named’ licenses so that they can log into the system irrespective of how many users are currently logged into the platform.
  • Concurrent license as the name suggests is the total number of license usage by concurrent users at any given time. This is ideal for users who use Kovair platform time-to-time and share the license with other 3-4 members.

You can choose either Named License or Concurrent License depending on the project needs. To know more about these license types, email at sales@kovair.com or call us at 1.408.262.0200 Extn. 2100.

Software Support and Maintenance

The fees for Software Support and Maintenance are mandatory and are calculated at 20% of the license fee. For more information on support services, please visit Technical Support section.

To get an estimate of the cost for your project, please speak to Kovair consultants. We will arrange a session for you on Webex; understand the scope of your project in detail and then suggest you a plan that works best.