Meet The Management Team

Bipin Shah - Chairman and CEO

Bipin Shah has been a veteran of Silicon Valley for over 3 decades and has worked both in the Semiconductor and Software domains. He has been VP of Global Operations for Altera – a major PLD- FPGA company – recently acquired by Intel, where he helped operationally grow the company from zero to over $500M in revenue over 11 years. He was then named President of Altera Japan where he grew Altera’s business in Japan from $55M to $120M in less than 3 years. Prior to that, he started his chip career at Fairchild where over a period of 11 years he held positions in Engineering, Quality and Reliability and Manufacturing Management.
His software career started with Kovair where since early 2005 he has transformed the company into an Integrated ALM solutions provider and a leading provider of integrations for major third party development and other tools with Kovair’s trademark Omnibus Integration Platform.
Bipin holds a BEE (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and an MSEE from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Uttam Kumar Paul - Managing Director

Uttam Kumar Paul, with over 11 years of job experience in different entities, entered into ICT business in 2001. With his post-graduation from the University of Dhaka, he worked in pharmaceutical industries in product management and market research. During this period, he got involved with software professionals as a Business System Analyst to develop needed solutions for the organization.
His undying passion for continuous knowledge & educational diversity gave him a head start in forming relationships with both technical and non-technical people to formulate better solutions. As a communication conduit between the stakeholders and the team, he worked to represent the stakeholder community to the development team and to translate the business needs to the team. In late 2002, with a target for the development of world-class accounting-inventory package software, Uttam organized all ingredients to give birth to the organization “Best Business Bond Ltd. (3BL)” and succeed to launch the package software “Troyee” in September 2005, a time befitting epochal step in the software industry of Bangladesh.
In order to narrow the gap between theories taught in university and practices demanded in the industries, Uttam joined hands with Kovair Inc. to introduce Software Developer Certificate (SDC) Program in different Software Engineering & Technical Universities/Colleges/Institutes by strengthening their learning process that would enable students to implement academic knowledge through a standardized process like Capability Maturity Model Integration [CMMI-Dev] for realistic outcome.
From the very beginning of involvement with ICT business, Uttam was closely attached with the activities of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS). At BASIS Executive Council, Uttam delivered his services as Treasurer, Vice President, Secretary General and Director in different tenures. During these terms, his involvement in different issues of advocacy was very dynamic and he exerted best of his abilities to achieve the goal of different proceedings along with other EC members.