Omnibus Adapters

Build a complete ALM-integrated platform. Kovair Omnibus adapters when integrated with Kovair Omnibus ESB-based Integration bus offers a centralized environment, enabling teams to expand the benefits of Continuous Development and Delivery such as cross-tool data flow and exchange, data traceability and monitoring.

Unlike adapters that are available in the market, Kovair Omnibus adapters support XML programming language. As a result, it does not matter whether organizations continue to use homegrown proprietary tools or open source tools.


  1. Tool Registering

    Enables users to register tools that will be part of the ALM integrated environment.

  2. Entity Mapping

    To help map the field values of tool instances. Mapping the field values will get the source values from one tool synced to the target value of another tool.

  3. Relationship Mapping

    Enables mapping the relation of artifacts as defined between the source and the target tool.

  4. Service Flow

    Defines the business flow and configuring the event-action based mechanism.


Universal Language of Communication between Tools

The XML programming language supported adapters can enable integration between two tools irrespective of whether they are homegrown proprietary tools or open source tools. programming language.

Centralized Data View of Reports

Stream data from multiple tool instances and view it from Kovair Platform. The centrally streamed data can be used for creating reports.

End-to-End Data Traceability

Kovair adapters can expose entities and the data related to these entities directly from a tool to Kovair Omnibus.The data becomes visible from other ALM tools that are integrated into the Kovair platform, providing users with complete traceability and progress report graphs.