Project Management Consultancy

Managing large-scale projects takes more than just exceptional project execution capabilities. At Kovair, we offer the best-in class approach project management solutions right from project definition to operational phase.

Kovair PMC services help clients to achieve their investment objectives and deliver future projects faster. From technology and licensor selection phase to the management of multinational consortia, Kovair PMC is a pioneer when it comes to developing efficient processes, procedures, and tools required at all levels of project management.

Offers and Benefits

  1. Project Management: Kovair PMC helps to manage and integrate the different phases of a project — engineering, procurement, and construction.

    From the smallest system change to your organization’s overall project management process, PMC can provide solutions for every phase of your project. We have what it takes to meet your immediate, near and long-term project management needs.

    • Methodology Consulting: Deploy the best-in-class methodology be it Agile, Kanban, DevOPs. Ask our expert’s help for guidance.
    • Software: Get complete guidance in the implementation of PPM Solutions.
  2. Resource Strategy: The key to successful strategizing of resources involve identification of key personnel with relevant experience, maximizing personnel with local experience, and recruiting local/regional staff. Some of the key areas that Kovair PMC offers —

    • Help organizations to formulate strategies in both internal and external business context of growth so that they achieve the desired results.
    • Create a unique and valuable position for themselves in their respective industry and in the market.
    • Understand your business needs and requirements and then provide the consulting and strategic solutions focusing on client expectations of strategic needs, marketing strategies, brand positioning, change management, human resource dynamics, technological needs and more.
  1. Project Controls: The purpose of PMC solution is to ensure that a project progresses as per the planned activities. Kovair PMC Understanding project costs and the estimated schedule are some of the vital key points that help to enhance a project management as well as its control capabilities.

  2. Engineering and Procurement: Successful project execution requires paying attention to details such as defining requirements, aligning stakeholders as well as ensuring a process oriented approach to project implementation. Kovair PMC solution enables implementing Project Control and Project Management tools designed to ensure project outcome, delivery, and open reporting.

  3. Construction: A well-organized PMC approach ensures that every stage of the project lifecycle meets the client requirements. Kovair PMC has over 80 tool adapter and extractor support, enabling users to integrate multiple tools for Reports and Dashboards, Round Table Progress View, conduction of brainstorming sessions, training on various field, design – construction interface, regular quality audits, quality diligence and delivery sessions. In addition, awareness of various processes involved in Project Management and detail study of multiple constraints of project like Time-Cost-Risk-Scope-Quality-Resource are an integral part of what Kovair Project Management Consultancy Solution has to offer.

  4. Commissioning: Kovair PMC offers integrated commissioning support that will help to deliver projects with outstanding HSE performance by meeting cost, schedule, and delivery targets. Some of the key aspects of commissioning that Kovair PMC can help to take care of are —

    • System Turnover: As part of an Integrated service, manage the interfaces between Construction and Commissioning undertaking Pre-Commissioning Services thereby reducing duplication of cost, maximizing manpower usage via an integrated approach through to turnover phase.
    • Document Management: Generate Project Specific Dossiers and Handover Completion Audit Documentation through to Commissioning and Operational Handover.
    • Pre-Commissioning services: Successfully manage Pre-Commissioning activities under an integrated solution to reduce exposure to common turnover and commissioning start up delays as part of an integrated service.
    • System Commissioning: Manage System Commissioning initially focusing on Utility Systems deemed as critical path systems to be commissioned before the plants fire up or introduction of hazardous mediums.
    • Operational Testing: Manage the Balance of Plant (BOP), involving synchronization of system checkouts when the system is placed in normal operation in a step-by-step fashion. BOP can take several days, even weeks and may require frequent stops in order to perform inspections, make equipment adjustments, or review data.

PMC Management Solutions

  • PMC Traceability View: The ability to provide the required level of visibility in a timely manner is critical to the management of project risks and opportunities. Kovair PMC services offers unique traceability view that enhances project visibility, communication, effective collaboration and management. Kovair integrated solution can help align project teams, including partners, contractors and Clients, in a common understanding of the goals and strategy.

  • Controlled Approach through Reports and Dashboards: Kovair PMC Reports and Dashboards increases Clients’ ability to control and identify opportunities. Our focus on effective project management and proactive risk management creates a clear differentiating advantage.

  • Interface management: Managing interfaces of large projects is a key challenge, especially if the scope of the contractors overlaps with that of any unassigned scope. The successful management of interfaces impacts each stakeholder of a project, including Clients, partners and suppliers. The ability to create project teams that work together, with experienced people bringing best practices and practical experience, is critical for a successful project.