Quality Assurance Workshop

Designed for anyone responsible for software testing efforts, join Kovair’s Quality Assurance Workshop to learn the essential framework for successful test management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Automate the deployment of test environments, including the tool, scripts and test data.
  • Enable continuous development, build, deployment and testing in an integrated tool ecosystem.
  • Implement workflow based automatic triggering of both manual and automated test cases.
  • Allow schedule based test automation script execution.
  • Gain end-to-end traceability between multiple tool data for better release predictability.
  • View real-time reports of test results for continuous monitoring and quality check.

Complete hands-on training at the workshop

  1. Seamlessly integrate external or homegrown proprietary tools Our testing tool provides integration support for Requirements, QA, Development, and defect tracking tools. We also have expertise in integrating homegrown tools.
  2. Implementing a CI, CD, or DevOps Setup Automate triggering of builds, provisioning, deployment, testing and defect tracking cycle. Kovair’s integrations with — 80 COTS tools can help you set up a CD – Continuous Delivery environment.
  3. Achieve cross-tool visibility from Requirements to Defects Establish traceability links between test artifacts of an entire test suite and other lifecycle data. View and analyze change impacts on test artifacts with respect to change in requirements.
  4. Test automation execution Execute QTP or Selenium Test scripts directly from Kovair interface. Track and view test automation results from a single centralized test tool. No dependence on external tools or tool configurations for tracking results of an entire test suite.
  5. Integrate test plan and results with other ALM functions Enjoy the built-in integrations support with — 70 tools. Achieve seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams and tools across lifecycle stages. No hardcoded configurations required to integrate with third-party tools.
  6. Making better decisions with real-time metrics Gain full visibility of Test Plan, Test Case, Test Runs, Test Results and Defects in a single place and their meaningful interpretations. Real-time reports, dashboards, and end-to-end traceability chain give better release predictability.