Kovair QuickSync

Tool integration and data migration made easier with Kovair QuickSync — a fully automated tool for data migration be it a pair of best-of-breed, open source, legacy, or home grown tools. The intuitive UI and built-in features of Kovair QuickSync simplify the process of tool mapping, project configurations, business flow setup, and real-time data monitoring.


  1. Codeless Configuration — Eradicate complications in tool integration and data mapping. Kovair QuickSync offers a simple and user-friendly interface for configuring artifact, fields, and user mapping. Users can also define their own supported business flow.

  2. Real-time Data Monitoring — Track all details of data including the sync status in real time when a pair of tools are synced.

  3. Synchronization History — Availability of detailed data history for any individual record along with its running status.

  4. On-Screen Reports — Chart based graphical reporting of data flow between tools for broad level visualization of data being synced over a given time interval.

  5. Side-by-Side Comparison — Compare post-migration data between the pair of tools and override attribute values in either direction.


  • Minimum Cost and Minimal Infrastructure Requirement — Just download, install, and you are ready. No requirement of database or web server.

  • Multi-faceted Integrations in a Single Tool — One-stop solution for syncing, merging, as well as the migration of data between a pair of tools.

  • Intuitive and Intelligent Migration Console — Simplifies tool mapping, project configurations, and business flow setup. Also supports relations and attachments.

  • On-screen Health Monitoring — Quick analysis of data synchronized between two tools and their sync or migration status.

  • Customized Metrics — Chart based graphical reports on post-data migration, showing success and failure count for a given time interval.

  • Transaction-based licensing — Designed to support ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model.

  • Single Point Console — For both sync and migration.

  • Data Sanity — For both real-time and historical data synced or migrated between tools.