Software Developer Certificate Program

Software Developer Certificate (SDC) is a professional training program intended to help students from Engineering or Technical Education Institutes, improve their technical knowledge, skill, competence, overall effectiveness, and prepare them for International Standard IT Certification. Students undertaking the SDC program will benefit from the integrated approach to technical education through project works to be initiated in collaboration with Institutional Project Designators (IPD) and associated software development companies of Bangladesh. Throughout the program, the training will be imparted using an application development tool, which is designed on the principles of Application Life Cycle Management (ALM), including Agile Methodology and an Enterprise-Class Workflow Engine.

The practices included in the certification program will involve a combination of proven and effective methods, many of which are currently followed by industry professionals. Trainees will get to take part in hands-on development using tools and obtain a proper exposure to the CMMI methodologies.

Why SDC is Important and It's Benefits

Software Engineering taught in educational institutions is academic and will help students to theoretically understand SDLC as a systematic and disciplined approach to software development through an integrated approach to design, development, QA, and maintenance apart from programming.

However, industries search for applied skills that are completely different from theoretical-based Software Engineering. This GAP is widely observed among students passing out from Software Engineering and Technical Institutions. SDC Program aims to resolve the GAP by strengthening the learning process that would enable students--

  • To follow the format for applying and institutionalizing Software Engineering Knowledge through tools in their project work.

  • Implement Academic Knowledge through a Standardized Process like Capability Maturity Model Integration [CMMI-Dev] for realistic outcome.

  • Receive Globally Approved Certification on Process Compliance and Tools Methodology.

Synchronizing hi-tech professional software tools with theoretical knowledge will help to strengthen the understanding and capability of students and build a resource pool of highly skilled workforce for industries to refer to. SDC program would increase scope of new opportunities for students not only in the local IT industry but also in the global market.

How SDC Works

Phases in an SDC Project

Students participating in the SDC Program will be assigned to work on projects that will be directly provided by industrial companies. The different phases involved in a project work that students will have to undergo will be a collaborative work process engagin students, teachers, industries, ALM tools.

  1. Two Weeks Covering 11 Days of Classroom Orientation

    • Concepts of ALM
    • About Kovair Platform Architecture and Licensing
    • Understanding Access Groups and Roles
    • Understanding Entities like Field / Forms / Form Sections / Views / Filters
    • What are Process and Policy
    • Group discussion on ALM and implementation by tool
    • SDC Tool Tour on —
      • Requirement [submission – verification]
      • Requirement
      • [Req–Product Modeling- FR] Requirement
      • [Estimation – Allocation- Approval]
      • Release Planning – Scheduling
    • Quality Testing for managing Test Cases in SDC Tool
    • System Integration Testing and UAT
    • Defects and their Lifecycle
  2. Two Weeks of Mixed Classroom Orientation (Stage: 1+2)

    • Allocation and Claiming of Projects – (SRS)
    • Configuration of the SDC tool as per Project Requirement
  3. Ten Weeks of Mixed Classroom Orientation (Stage: 1+2+3)

    • Working on Projects
    • UAT of the Project – Defect / Issue Closures
    • Evaluation of the training – Final Interview

Placement Assistance for Students

  • Involvement of industry projects
  • Placement cell and portal to assist industries and students in finding their match
  • Placement cell to operate in Bangladesh and other International Markets
  • Resume with project credential to be forwarded to all member industry

Criteria for students

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Programing languages
  • Database (SQL / Oracle)
  • English as a medium of instruction
  • General aptitude and logical reasoning

Criteria for Universities

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Similar academic program having Project/Thesis work on software development at any or Final Semester.

Criteria for IPDs

  • Industries having focus towards International Quality
  • Experienced pool of resources trying to convert Business Requirement into Projects
  • Send project manager for Tool Knowledge Training

Admission Procedure

  • Candidates need to sit for an SDC Admission Test first ( an online exam to be conduction from SDC portal).
  • The SDC Entrance Exam will be of MCQ type, based on topics from SDLC and Software Engineering background.
  • A student can apply thrice in the MCQ Exam.
  • On successful completion of the test, candidates can then proceed to the Kovair – SDC Portal with their MCQ score.
  • To take part in the certification program, candidates need to take into account the following conditions -
    • Approval to participate in SDC Phase 1 Program [i. e from Claiming the Project to Planning for the Project].
    • Deposit SDC Certification Fees.