There is a huge difference between academic learning and the SDC Program. Academic learning is too limited and not enough Specified requirement analysis is provided for developing software with precision. SDC Program does exactly that. It arms us with enough knowledge and accuracy to develop any software properly. The entire training process was fantastic and extremely well managed. The program procedure is good enough, so no suggestion for improvement is required.

Faisal Ahmed

I feel lucky that I have been selected to attend this program as this will be very effective for my future career. The main difference between academic study and SDC Program is the way we view a particular concept. Actually, whatever we learn in our university limit us to see the things concisely but SDC provides it a larger perspective. As per my experience goes, the process which SDC follows is pretty realistic and effective for us. I hope it will improve more in the coming days. The trainers are skilled, cooperative and punctual as per my experience with them. I had a great time attending this SDC Program.

Md. Adnin Masrif

In academy we just learn things but here in SDC program we have got to know it's professional use/name or how it just used. Here I have worked in a project in professional environment with professional people. The environment is professional and I have got chance to work with professional people which is a new experience for me. The trainers were excellent. They’re professional and they're much more patient than me which help me learn things in many different way with many different examples. Now I guess I'm more patient while working and I guess I can think more about a problem or proposal. I feel anyone who'll do this program will get many help in his/her IT career.

Afjal Hossain

SDC means 'Software development certification' program. It is a professional training program which improves our technical knowledge, skill, competence, overall effectiveness, and also prepares us for international standard IT certification. The training procedure was very structured. At first, they make us comprehend the requirement gathering process. Next, the trainers provide us a clear idea about the product and component. Last but not least, they provide us with practical knowledge. They teach us the process of making small components of an application and also train us how to make a bigger application using those components. The trainers also show us how to reuse those particular components. In my opinion, the trainers were very skilled and friendly. They used real-life examples for better understanding of concepts.

Tamanna Binte Akber

Thank you SDC. I got the best trainers and teachers just because I pursued this program. SDC program helped me fully understand the real-life software development procedure. Before attending this program, honestly, I did not know most of the things of developmental work. I had some basic knowledge because of my academic interest. The training procedure is extremely technical, professional, comprehensible, and clear and the trainers are very friendly and cooperative. Technical knowledge, theory, practical knowledge, real-life project handling — all these topics are included in this program.

Md. Mafiul Islam

I got an opportunity to amalgamate my academic knowledge with the industrial software development environment. Yes, in our academic course, we as students didn't get the opportunity for hands-on, structured learning because of the short time duration of the semesters. The SDC program increases the scope for hands-on use of development tools and technologies. I am glad to be part of this international program. It brings about a positive change in my professional life. The training procedure was perfect and well-timed. They provided us with resources, notes, and hands-on training to use the tools. We had the opportunity to work for different phases of the project work individually as well as in groups. This certification course (SDC) is beneficial for anyone who wants to start a career in the IT industry.

Mezba Uddin Ibne Khaled

I am feeling grateful to be a part of this international certification program (SDC). We learned lots of things that we didn't get to know from our academic learning. The training process was good enough. I got confidence to go forward. The trainers were very cooperative. I feel the SDC program is important for anyone who wants to start a career in the IT industry. This program offers a more advanced learning process and exposes us to real-life industry work experience during our academic phase.

Ibnul Ashir

There are huge differences between academic learning and SDC program. In academic learning, we are only exposed to theoretical parts of software development. In the SDC program, we learned about the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge and we also experienced the process of software development first hand. From academic learning, we knew that programming is the key part of software development. But now we know that it's not the only aspect. There are other important parts as well.

Tonmoy Kumar Mohonto

SDC training procedure and the trainers were both very good. SDC program helps understand how real life software development takes place. In comparison to academic learning which is theoretical in nature, it is extremely helpful.

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