1. What is SDC? »

Software Developer Certificate (SDC) is a professional training program intended to help students from Engineering or Technical Education Institutes, improve their technical knowledge, skill, competence, overall effectiveness, and prepare them for International Standard IT Certification.

2. What are the benefits? »

Students undertaking the SDC program will benefit from the integrated approach to technical education through project works to be initiated in collaboration with Institutional Project Designators (IPD) and associated software development companies of Bangladesh / abroad. Throughout the program, the training will be imparted using an application development tool, which is designed on the principles of Application Life Cycle Management (ALM), including Agile Methodology and an Enterprise-Class Workflow Engine.

3. I am not interested in programming related work. How can I be benefited from the program? »

This program is designed to teach complete software development through industry live project and programming consists of only 15%-20% of the whole work so even if you are not interested in programming related work, you can enhance your skills in other sectors like project management, quality assurance, etc. Rather you will get an opportunity to learn CMMI compliant processes implemented through ALM tool.

4. How SDC will add value to our career? »

SDC will provide-
  • Opportunity to work in industry live projects.
  • Experience in CMMI compliant ALM tool.
  • Gap minimization between Academic knowledge and Industry practices.
  • International Certificate.

5. How SDC is different from other training programs? »

SDC is an industrial project based certification program where you will implement the software engineering knowledge and processes through tools in a live project using CMMI compliant process Area.

6. How can I accommodate SDC training with my academic calendar? »

Final Year students (i.e. 10 to 12 semester) can only participate in SDC if their university is an academic partner of this project. The partner universities give the student the calendar privilege to attend the SDC classes and allow the Project Credits in the 10th and 11th semester on the SDC live projects. In the 10th semester, the project is majorly focused on development, and in the 11th semester, the project is focused on quality assurance.

7. I live outside Dhaka, how can I join the program? »

Currently, our program is running in Dhaka city only. So during the program, you will have to stay in Dhaka to join the program.

8. Is there any special batch for job holders? »

Yes, there will be a special batch for job holders.

1. Who can join this program? »

  • Final year Students of partner universities in the department of CSE, IT, MCA and ECE.
  • Fresh graduates in CSE, IT, MCA and ECE.
  • Job seekers.
  • Job holders working in the IT industry as programmer/tester, or Mid-level manager.

3. How can I join here? »

I. Sign up at bd.kovair.com
II. Pass entrance Exam
III. Pass interview

4. Is there any entrance test, if yes what are the topics covered? »

Yes, the topics are General Aptitude, English and Logical Section.

5. What is the topic of the interview? »

The interview generally covers your previous project experience along with programing language knowledge, and database knowledge with the objective to find a correct match live project.

6. Can I Assess my eligibility and if selected not join? »

Yes, the Entrance test and the interview are absolutely free without any hidden cost, so you can assess yourself in this system.

1. What is the cost?

Selection Category A (for partner university students with scholarship) Course Fee: NILL
Selection Category B (for partner university students with partial scholarship) Course Fee: USD 300
Selection Category C (For graduate and job holders) Course Fee: USD600

2. Is there any installment opportunity? »

Yes, you can pay in 3 installments.

3. Why SDC is expensive comparing to other training programs? »

TRAINERS --> SDC training is conducted in physical classrooms and virtual classrooms through industry professionals. The training is of approximately 140 hours of classroom physically trained by foreign trainers and 275 hours of assignments mentored virtually by foreign industry domain experts.
TOOLS --> Use of internationally famous tools for production.
PROCESS --> Implementation of CMMI level process areas for production through process experts.

1. Who will be the trainers? »

International Software Professionals from Kovair Software Inc on implementation of Process and Software engineering practices.
International Software Professionals from partner companies guides in implementation of coding and quality assurance through live projects.

1. Does this program guarantees job placement? »

SDC doesn’t promise job placement but it promises to make you capable enough to get a job easily.

2. Do I have any scope to do an internship in Kovair or the Partner Company? »

Kovair or its industrial partner do not have any scope of recruiting undergraduate interns, but depending on your performance in the SDC training program you can be offered a 6 Month extension on live projects wherein you will receive professional charges on Job to Job Basis.

3. Do I have any scope of placement in Kovair or the Partner Company? »

Kovair or it industrial partners do have scope to recruit graduate as interns, depending on your performance in the SDC training program and thereafter at least 2 Jobs for which you will receive professional charges on Job to Job Basis.
Based on the above eligibility you can apply for 6 months paid trainee internship in Kovair or the Partner Company.
On successful completion of your paid trainee internship, you shall be recruited as a junior software engineer.

1. Is there any certificate? »

Yes, you will get an international certificate from Kovair Software Inc. (USA) and the project owning company.

2. How will I get recognized after successful completion of the program? »

Your detailed information along with your performance throughout the program will be published on our website. So job providers can find/verify your identity easily.

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